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OPERATION MALAYA Task force setup by Lancashire police to frame Paul Ponting

Operation Malaya was a task force, set up by Lancashire police to frame an innocent person, Paul Ponting.

The Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner confirmed the Taskforce was set up in June 2017 but could not ascertain who authorised it.

Lancashire police have now confirmed that the Task Force was set up with a view to criminally charge me with crimes I did not commit.  Lancashire police used existing convicts to help them.  Lancashire police have named three of these people, George Vella, Darren Hogan and later, under oath, they named Neil Wilkes.

Ironically, at the time Lancashire police set up this task force, Darren Hogan had been arrested and charged with harassment and malicious communications against me.  He has since pleaded guilty and been convicted. 

Police admission of the operatives
Subject Access Request

Odd that Lancashire police would approach him at a time he had been charged with a criminal offence against me.  Hogan was offered a substantial deal before his trial, dropping the ‘higher’ offence of Malicious Communications if he pleaded guilty to the lower offence of harassment.

George Vella was no stranger to police. He has spent many years in prison for robbing post offices as well as having convictions for violence in the 80’s.  Vella is the Admin of an ‘Anti Police’ Facebook group.  George Vella has himself been reported to police on no less than a dozen instances for attacking me online and Lancashire police failed to do anything to help me yet drafted him in to target me.

It is very odd that George Vella is intrinsically involved and Linked to a police task force.

This website will post all information highlighting how Lancashire police have tried to protect a Police Informant from prosecution and because I reported the police informant for committing offences against me, Lancashire police have tried to silence me numerous times including setting up a task force to enrol others to help.