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This website is under development with information about how Lancashire police enlisted a number of criminals in an attempt to frame Paul Ponting from Lancashire.  This all revolves around Lancashire police protecting a police informant called Paul Turner from Skelmersdale.

Two confirmed individuals have now been formally named by Lancashire police.  They are George Vella from Bedfordshire and Darren Hogan from Wolverhampton.

Both men have denied any involvement, George Vella has even claimed he was 'added to the operation' against his knowledge.

Lancashire police have confirmed that Operation Malaya was in fact created on behalf of these two individuals.

Snippet from a 'Subject Access Request' provided by Lancashire police proving their involvement.

Darren Hogan had been arrested and charged with offences against Paul & Anna Ponting and was on court bail at the time Lancashire police enlisted him in this operation.

George Vella is quoted as saying:  "All statements taken for Maylaya [sic] were taken by Lancashire police in person which is what I refused."

A very different version of events came from Lancashire police who have stated George Vella was very much involved..!